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Posted on April 24, 2019
by caprice

Help Us Plant A Million Trees

Help Us Plant a Million Trees

In line with our paperless initiative, I’m thrilled to announce that Travelers has entered into a partnership with American Forests, the country’s oldest nonprofit conservation group, to plant up to 1 million trees over the next year.


Until April 30, 2020, Travelers will plant one tree for every paper billing account that is converted to paperless (Auto, Home, Boat, etc.)

We’ve named the campaign A Million Reasons Why

Help us make a difference

  • Existing customers can update their paperless preference on MyTravelers
  • We encourage new customers to select paperless options
  • Learn more at

Help us reduce our carbon footprint by considering the opportunity on every line of business to convert new and existing customers to paperless.

Thank you for your business and continued partnership

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