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Why do I need insurance for my business?

Like homeowners insurance, your business has property and liability that you would like to protect. If you have a store front, rent a space, have inventory, or even run a small business out of your home, you most likely have property that would set you back a great deal if it was lost in a catastrophe. Business insurance helps to protect against common losses such as fire, wind, and theft to help make sure your business can stay afloat when risks to your business come up. The other half of your business you will want to protect is the liabilities that come with owning a business, whether it is unhappy customers, someone getting injured on your property, or covering your assets if your business makes a mistake. There are lots of different ways to cover these two risks in your business, the most common being commercial packages, business owners policies, general/professional liability policies, and workers compensations.

Industry-Specific Insurance Packages

Welcome to BMC Insurance—your trusted partner for personalized industry-specific insurance packages. Our commitment is to provide our clients with comprehensive coverage that meets their unique needs specific to their businesses.

Whether you run a small business from your home or a medium-sized enterprise from a store or office, ensuring its safety may be your top priority. However, at times, for one reason or another, your business may fall prey to several risks that may set you back heavily. Under such circumstances, an industry-specific insurance package will have your back.

These insurance plans can protect your interests against common losses such as fire, hail, and other similar calamities.

Your partners in need

We understand that every industry comes with its own set of challenges and risks. For this reason, we offer specialized insurance solutions designed to safeguard your business assets and operations.

Our industry-specific insurance packages are smartly designed, keeping in mind the specific vulnerabilities your business may face.

Whether you own a business in manufacturing, hospitality, technology, healthcare, or any other industry, our dedicated team of experts will work closely with you to analyze the risks and coverages your business may require.

Explore our industry-specific insurance packages and take the first step towards a more secure way of business!

Customized Policies for Your Business

Every business is unique in its own way. While setting up a brick-and-mortar store may require heavy monetary investment, building an eCommerce website may not require as much money to start.  Due to such stark differences in business nature across industries, a “one insurance plan fits all” approach may not be effective. At BMC Insurance, we understand this and pride ourselves on delivering customized insurance policies tailored to your business’s specific requirements. So, whether you own a store or a big office building, with our specialized approach, you can expect a policy that aligns perfectly with your industry, size, and risk profile.

Experience and expertise

Customizing an insurance policy can be a complex task requiring awareness of business intricacies. Our team of professionals takes the time to comprehensively assess your business, identifying potential vulnerabilities that may require coverage. From general liability and property coverage to more specialized clauses concerning cyber security insurance and professional liability, we take care of all aspects. Our aim is to ensure that you pay only for the coverage your business truly needs.

Promise of transparency

Trust and transparency are two pillars of building a long-term business relationship. We value our clients’ time, money, and business and strive to maintain transparency and clarity across our assessment processes. This helps our clients understand what our policies entail and what they are going to pay for.

Employee Benefits and Workers’ Compensation

Employees play a vital role in maintaining the functioning of your business. Whether you have a small team or an expansive group of staff members working together, recognizing the role they play is crucial. At BMC Insurance, we understand this and recognize the need to offer suitable employee benefits and workers’ compensation solutions. Our employee benefits packages are tailored to attract and retain top talent while creating a positive workplace environment. Whether it’s healthcare, dental coverage, or retirement planning, we provide customized solutions that cater to the diverse needs of your workforce. These benefits not only demonstrate your commitment to your employees’ well-being but also contribute to increased morale and productivity.

More for your business and employees

Our workers’ compensation plans ensure that your employees are taken care of in unfortunate events at the workplace. Whether it’s an injury or an accident, our solutions will have you covered. We understand the legal complexities and financial implications associated with workers’ compensation. Our team of experts work closely with you to design a plan that meets legal requirements while addressing your business’s unique risks. Contact BMC Insurance today and learn more about how we can help you create a safer workplace for your employees, offering them attractive benefits and compensations as and when required.

Maryland-Specific Business Insurance Requirements

Before signing up for business insurance in Maryland, business managers and owners may want to develop an understanding of the state’s unique requirements. This is where BMC Insurance can save the day. Maryland has specific regulations that businesses must adhere to while operating. Our experts at BMC Insurance are well-versed in these requirements and can present you with ways to ensure your business complies with these legal requirements. From general liability coverage to commercial auto insurance, we tailor policies that meet the state’s mandates while addressing your business’s unique needs. For example, Maryland has specific workers’ compensation requirements. Concerning these, Maryland mandates that employers provide coverage to their employees, ensuring their well-being in case of workplace injuries. Our team understands these intricacies and can help businesses design workers’ compensation plans that meet the state’s guidelines and align with their business size and industry.

Your trusted partner

BMC Insurance is your trusted partner who not only provide you with comprehensive coverage but also ensures you stay on the right side of Maryland’s business insurance regulations. Contact us today and say goodbye to your business insurance concerns while operating in Maryland.

What is the Typical Expense of Business Insurance in Maryland?

Business insurance prices in Maryland can vary based on a number of factors. From the size of your business to its net profit and liabilities associated with it, many things can influence the cost of business insurance in Maryland. BMC Insurance has the insights you need to make informed decisions for your company’s business insurance. In Maryland, the average cost of business insurance usually ranges from $30/month to $340/month, depending on their business size, store or business unit location, number of employees, and more. Smaller businesses with basic coverage may consider going for more affordable coverage options, while larger enterprises may want to safeguard their business against all types of risks, eventually investing in more premium business insurance plans.

Business Insurance for all your needs

We understand that all businesses are different. At BMC Insurance, we tailor insurance solutions to fit your unique requirements and budget. We work closely with our clients to assess their risks, understand their business operations, and finalize a suitable coverage amount that makes sense for their business. Our commitment to providing transparent, competitive pricing without compromising on quality makes us a popular favorite among small and medium-size businesses. If you own or manage a business in Maryland, make sure to be aware of the risks associated with it. With BMC Insurance’s tailor-made policies, you can future-proof your business against unforeseen setbacks. For details, call us today!

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What does a Commercial Package Cover?

BMC Insurance specializes in a wide range of commercial insurance. We offer affordable insurance for small businesses from the best business insurance providers.
As a business owner, you have enough on your mind without worrying about your insurance needs. Our team at BMC Insurance ensures the business you have built is covered by a company that understands your business insurance requirements.

Our experienced business insurance broker in Frederick, Maryland, will walk you through the importance of commercial business insurance, which provides wide-ranging protection for businesses and their subsidiaries under a single policy. Various types of commercial business insurance take care of property, liability, and workers’ compensation, to name a few.

BMC Insurance offers a Commercial Package Cover, which is a combination of two or more of the following coverages, depending on your business needs:

And a Business Owners’ Policy Cover?

Unlike a commercial package where you customize coverages, BOPs are pre-packaged to suit a small business particularly. This type of policy is best suited for sole proprietors that would like a bundle to cover their property and liability together. This policy type works for:

Don’t spend any more time scouting for the right business insurance; let us be your adviser for insurance matters, ensuring you receive comprehensive coverage for an affordable price.

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