Individual Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance Frederick MD

Self employed, seasonally employed or work for a company that doesn’t offer group health benefits? You can purchase an individual health insurance plan to cover you and/or your family!At BMC Insurance, we work with several trusted health insurance carriers and we take the time to explain your health care plan options in simple terms, your coverage and how to best use it. We build custom packages to include health, dental and any supplemental insurance coverage you may need, while staying within your budget. Not only that, we will give you an overview of the actual cost of your health care, including how we can help you apply for any valuable tax credits. Additionally, we are an authorized partner with the MediShare Program and the Maryland Health Connection!

Independent Licensed Health Insurance Broker in Frederick, MD

Health is the only wealth we truly have. This has been proven repeatedly, especially in the past few years, with the pandemic hitting us hard. If you are employed, self-employed, or have a family or a business, your health and those dependent on you are a source of constant worry. You can purchase an individual health insurance plan to cover you and your family! At BMC Insurance, we collaborate with several trusted health insurance providers and simplify healthcare plan options for you, presenting you with coverage options and how to use them best. We also create custom packages that include health, dental, and any additional insurance coverage you require while staying within your budget. Our team will work out a summary of the actual cost of your health care and how we can assist you in applying for any beneficial tax credits. BMC Insurance is also an authorized partner with the MediShare Program and the Maryland Health Connection.

We are independent health insurance agents and not affiliated with any particular health insurance provider. Which means our recommendations and suggestions are always unbiased. We always put your financial and health coverage needs first and work to offer the best in class insurance products regarding coverage and economic feasibility.

Our experienced and resourceful team members constantly update themselves on the changes within the insurance industry. Their expertise in the complex world of insurance and their ability to communicate this understanding to you sets us apart from our competitors.

Benefits of enrolling in an individual health insurance plan

You can keep your policy when you change your work or job, or become self-employed.

You can choose a policy that best fits your particular needs, including an extensive network of providers and the ability to choose the appropriate level of coverage.

Individual health insurance may actually cost you less, and you may be eligible for a tax credit to lower the overall cost of your premium.

Individual health insurance covers all essential health benefits, and is available to you regardless of any pre-existing medical conditions.

Here are things to consider when considering plan options:

Will your health plan suit your particular needs?

Don’t just settle for a plan because it’s affordable. You need a plan that works for you.

Do you understand your plan?

If you don’t, it’s unlikely that it will work for you.

Can you afford your plan?

If you can’t, it isn’t protecting you. Insurance is supposed to protect you from harm, not cause you hardship!

If you are considering an individual plan for yourself or your family, let the health insurance experts at BMC help you find coverage that works best for your situation. We will hold your hand through the process and guide you to the right solution.