Life Insurance

Life Insurance Broker Frederick MD

Looking into life insurance can be very confusing since it can be difficult to determine what you really need.

Some of the important questions we ask in helping you determine this include:

Who are your dependents?

Will your loved ones be financially affected if anything happens to you?

How much do you earn yearly?

Will your family’s standard of living be affected?

What debts do you have?

Will your survivors have to deal with a lot of debts?

How close are you to retirement?

If you are closer to retirement, this may affect what plan you choose to go with.

In addition, some other factors to consider when choosing a plan are if your spouse is working, if you plan to provide college funding for your children, if you anticipate possible estate taxes, and so on.

We take the time to understand your unique situation in life to determine the insurance amount that is best for you and your family. Based on this, we give you different insurance product options to choose from that best fit both your needs and your budget.