Looking to Save on Home and Auto Coverage


Problem Overview

  1. Homeowner Loretta Tillman was looking for several insurance policies for her auto and home as well as umbrella coverage.
  2. She felt that she was possibly paying too much for the coverage she had.
  3. She needed the help of an honest, reliable agency that could help her explore all of her options.

The Problem

Loretta wanted to make sure she was getting the best possible price on her auto, home and other insurance plans but needed the help of an expert. She didn’t have the best experience with her broker so wanted to work with a local agency that could hold her hand through the process and help her make the right decisions.

Seeking a Solution

She already knew about BMC Insurance since they provide the payroll/accounting services for her church. Also, her granddaughter recommended that she contact BMC for her home and auto insurance needs, since she works for BMC.

The Outcome

Loretta had a very pleasant experience with BMC, because they are very knowledgeable and helpful. They made it possible for her to save money by paying less for her policies while maintaining the same level of coverage. They also helped take advantage of savings based on her age, something her previous broker never told her about.

“One thing I really like about BMC is that they keep track of your coverage. They review it every so often so that they know I am still doing well, or whether I need to do better. That’s always a good sign!” – Loretta Tillman

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