What is the Right Age to Purchase a Health Insurance Policy?

Health Insurance

Many believe that there is no specific age to start a health insurance policy. However, over time, this myth has been busted. Waiting to purchase health insurance until you’re older isn’t exactly the best decision. As you grow older, you face more health ailments like diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, etc; That may need long-term treatments. Waiting until your older can result in having to go for more comprehensive coverage for health insurance, where you would have to pay a more hefty premium amount. Another point to be noted is that a medical emergency can happen to you at any time. This can be emotionally and financially devastating.

Here is why you should purchase health insurance at a younger age:

Better Options to Choose From

If you get health insurance at a younger age, you’d be in a position to choose from a wide variety of health plans. BMC Frederick, MD, can provide you with more comprehensive plans and coverage.

Affordable Premium

You are less likely to develop a serious lifelong illness at a young age. Therefore, insurers view you as a low-risk policyholder with a lower probability of filing a claim under your health insurance. Therefore, you can procure higher coverages like critical illness insurance at a more affordable premium amount.

Better Financial Planning

Buying health insurance early allows you to help in your financial planning. Health emergencies and accidents often occur without notice, and sufficient medical coverage will guarantee that you are covered for any unforeseen events, like a vehicle accident or COVID-19. Without a health insurance policy, you’d be more likely to be overwhelmed about how to pay for unforseen hospitalization and other medical costs.

Pre-medical Screenings

As you grow older, some health insurance companies often request you to have some pre-medical screenings. After the results are properly analyzed, a health insurer is able to better decide whether you’ll be more of a high risk or not. When you’re younger, you can ride over such medical examinations. The health insurance brokers in Maryland can guide you well here.

Pre-existing Conditions

As you grow old, many health insurance companies exclude pre-existing health conditions from getting covered in the health insurance policy. This completely defeats the purpose of purchasing a health policy. However, you can easily bypass such conditions when you’re young, as you will be less prone to life-threatening diseases. 

Insufficient Employer’s Cover

With a steady increase in healthcare costs, the importance and need for health insurance cannot be exaggerated. The cost of a week’s hospitalization for a common illness cannot be merely covered by your company’s coverage. You’ll need health insurance that can cover all your expenses.

Bypass Longer Waiting Periods

Getting a health insurance policy demands waiting for a longer period. In fact, when you’re in your late 40s, coverage for pre-existing conditions is not available. However, if you start a policy at a  young age, the long waiting period imposed on various treatments gets over by the time you need it. This means you can take total leverage of your health insurance policy by the age of 40.


Buying a health insurance policy later in life may only increase your financial hardship and can reduce insurance benefits and coverage. Thus, it is best to purchase a health insurance plan at a younger age to reap the full benefits from lower premium rates and with higher sum insured. So, the earlier you purchase a health insurance policy the better and give yourself peace of mind.

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