Why It’s Important To Have Health Insurance Coverage You Can Depend On.

Living in a world of possibilities can be quite exciting, but it can also be terrifying when it comes to your health. An Individual Health plan can help you get preventive health check-ups to screen for common illnesses and when you have health issues come they can help you carry some of the financial burden. If an insured suffers from an illness or injury, his or her health insurance company may reimburse them for the expenses they’ve incurred or reimburse their healthcare provider directly. For the highest level of coverage to be provided, it’s best to use your in-network providers. These providers are pre-approved to work with your insurance company and provide you with health services.

Many insurance carriers, like Carefirst, often offer coverage for various benefits, including:

  • Emergency Services (Ambulance, Emergency Room, etc)
  • Hospitalization
  • In-Patient or Out-Patient Procedures
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Maternity and Newborn Care
  • Child Services (such as Dental & Vision)
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Substance Abuse Treatment
  • Preventative Services (Immunizations, Check-ups, etc)
  • Rehabilitation Services

Selecting a health insurance plan can feel complicated, but here are some of the most important things to take into account:

  1. Copays – Are set fees that you are responsible to pay out of pocket for some services, like doctors visits or medication. These fees are normally rather small compared to the price of the service.
  2. Deductibles – Are the amount that an individual (or family) must pay out of pocket each year before certain health insurance coverages start. They can be used in insurance plans in conjunction with copays. Some plans offer copays for some services before meeting the deductible and others require you to reach the deductible before your copay kicks in. Always check before signing up with a plan to make sure you understand how these two work together for your plan.

Policies with high deductibles can have lower premiums but these high deductibles could put you more at financial risk if you have expensive health issues arise. Finding an individual plan that you are comfortable with can help you loosen that fear of a financial burden. BMC Insurance agents work with you to understand your situation and talk you through which would be the best coverage options for you.

Things to consider when looking at plan options for you:

  • What is the best health plan for you?

Every individual lives a different life and has different financial goals. One plan may not work as well for two separate individuals. Both a mother who works in an office and a young single man who does manual labor need to have an insurance plan, but their specific needs are very different. A construction worker may have more risk of accidents and injuries, whereas an engineer may be suffering from a chronic disease. It’s important to consider such aspects.

  • Understanding the plan.

If you don’t know what your plan covers for you, then how are you going to use it? Extra costs, deductions, pre-payments, and other things that are included in any individual health insurance make a big difference.

  • Affordable plan options?

An Individual health plan covers various things depending on your needs. To have it all may be costly. Therefore, one must choose a plan that covers your requirements and is affordable. Some states also offer tax credits towards your health insurance plan if you are under a certain income level.


In a world full of surprises, no one knows what could happen the very next moment. The COVID pandemic last year exemplifies this perfectly. To fight such circumstances, the right individual health plans will ensure you are prepared in the event of both good and bad surprise.

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