Looking for an Insurance Service That Would Complement Their Business

Problem Overview

  1. Poor Customer Service from their previous broker.
  2. Lack of interpersonal relations.
  3. Needed to work with a local insurance service that understood their small business needs.

The Problem

Jennifer Cavanaugh is an HR Professional at Realm Consulting – an Information Technology & Services consulting firm that takes pride in their outstanding internal and external customer service. She needed medical, dental, vision, and long/short-term disability as well as life insurance policies for her employees. Prior to working with BMC Insurance, she had problems with her previous broker’s substandard customer service and lack of interpersonal connection and care. She also needed a local insurance service that would serve as an extension of her small business by working more as part of her team and addressing the needs of her employees, as opposed to just selling products and walking away.

Seeking a Solution

Jennifer found out about BMC through the Dave Ramsey network and contacted them to discuss her needs. She was impressed with the expertise and personalized service provided by their staff, so she knew she made the right choice.

The Outcome

Jennifer continues to have a great experience with BMC. They are there to support her employees, answer any questions they may have, and resolve any issues that come up. They provide the same level of customer service as Realm Consulting, which makes her work as an HR professional much easier.

“Working with BMC Insurance (Matt and Stephanie) has been a joy and such a complement to our HR department at Realm Consulting. They go above and beyond to help our employees get answers to their insurance questions which helps our HR team to take a more wholesome approach in caring for our team. We could not recommend a better or more dynamic broker to complement your business!” – Jennifer Cavanaugh

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