You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Problem Overview

  1. Needed group insurance for a new small business.
  2. Preferred to work with a local agency with small business expertise.
  3. Wasn’t sure how to find an agency that would meet their needs.

The Problem

Carlo Serio, the owner of Pretzel and Pizza Creations, was looking to set up group health insurance for the first time for his employees. Since this was his first time setting up a group policy, he needed a reliable insurance agency with expertise that could present him with objective guidance and options to choose from.

Seeking a Solution

Carlo let his business network know he was looking for a good insurance agency. A friend and fellow business owner highly recommended BMC Insurance. Receiving a referral and positive feedback about BMC from a friend was very reassuring, so Carlo contacted BMC’s owner, Matt Brooks, right away.

The Outcome

Carlo is very happy with his decision to work with BMC. They not only helped set up their group health insurance, they also provided guidance on how to update other business policies. Matt Brooks and the BMC staff continue to provide outstanding personalized assistance with policies, plans and claims for his business.

“Matt and his team provided our business with all the guidance we needed to navigate the business insurance market, from group policies to our business insurance to – most recently – our personal life insurance policies. His team has made themselves available pretty much every time we needed it. We’ve always been happy with the service that they’ve given us.” – Carlo Serio


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